If you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the OPP crew went to Japan to film a documentary featuring exclusive interviews with people heavily involved with One Piece. Yesterday, the first teaser trailer came out (edited by yours truly) on FUNimation’s website announcing their official involvement with the project.

Here is that teaser and the blog post from FUNimation released yesterday (Original Page Here).


One Piece fans are in for a treat. You may remember, our good pals at the One Piece Podcast met their Kickstarter goal back in May – funding a trip to Japan to film a One Piece documentary like none other. While there, hosts Zach and Greg toured the country, interviewed some of the biggest names in the One Piece franchise, got exclusive access to One Piece and Shonen Jump events, and talked to fans from around Japan! Well the trip is over and it’s time to get to share the experience! We’re happy to announce that we’ll be working with the One Piece Podcast team to help share the “OPP Goes to Japan” documentary with as many fans as possible.

What can you expect to see? We’ll be hosting exclusive clips and segments featuring various tours and interviews that can be found throughout the documentary:

· Exclusive Interview: Shigefumi Shingaki (Animation Director for One Piece)
· Exclusive Interview: Takeru Isaka (Manga Editor for One Piece)
· Mugiwara (Straw Hat) Store: The world’s largest One Piece themed store in the Shibuya district.
· Bandai Namco’s “J-World” Theme Park: The Shonen Jump theme park featuring One Piece themed rides, games, and food.
· The One Piece Planetarium: An event that features new animation, starring and narrated by the Straw Hat Pirates.
· The United States of Odaiba: Located at Fuji Television Headquarters, and filmed at the United States of Odaiba, this stop featured a One Piece show, tons of merchandise, and a special Punk Hazard exhibit.
· The One Piece Grand Arena Tour: This One Piece event travels around the country each year and features recreations of famous scenes.
· Universal Studios Japan: Featuring an entire Marine village dedicated to One Piece! Throughout the day, professional actors perform interactive shows. The podcast also takes a rare look at the Punk Hazard-inspired One Piece Premiere Show featuring live-action characters playing out an original plot with the Straw Hats and many other familiar characters from the series, all voiced by the original voice actors.

That’s all for now, but stayed tuned for more details. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer above for what you can expect to see more of later this year.

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Also released yesterday was the official IMDb page for the documentary. Check out the documentary which should be out this Winter! We’re really excited for our friends at the One Piece Podcast and extremely proud to be involved with the project.