Tonight on social media, we were alerted by a follower that Toonami Asia posted a video of the English Dub on there Facebook. We of course immediately reached out to our friends at Turner Asia to get some information about who did this English Dub. I thought maybe, just maybe Funimation was dubbing the show for them. I was wrong. Not only was I wrong, but I was in shock when I heard that Bang Zoom (an American company) was dubbing the show. Turner Asia allowed us to share this news exclusively.

For those of us who have watched anime the last year or two, the name Bang Zoom has come up a few times. Shows like Sword Art Online 2, Kill La Kill, and even shows currently on Toonami here in the USA like Hunter X Hunter and Gundam IBO have been dubbed by this company. So it comes as no surprise that Turner Asia would reach out to such a company to do the English Dub of Dragon Ball Super since it is such a big show. Congratulations goes out to Bang Zoom for getting the English Dub in Asia.

Currently, we are waiting to hear who is voicing the characters in the series and who the ADR Director is. Unfortunately, the official video of the first dub can no longer be seen on Facebook and YouTube due to the dub Funimation is doing here. What do you guys think of this news? Let us know by commenting below.