On Wednesday morning, Studio Bones and Shueisha had announced that the highly anticipated fourth season of My Hero Academia is scheduled to premiere in Japanese shores in October 2019. A new key visual was also released, which you can see below.

Funimation, the distributor of the anime in the US has confirmed that they will be distributing the new season as well. No word as of now regarding any simulcasting and simuldubbing plans as of now.

Toonami has announced that they will be airing the first three seasons concurrently, with the block just airing Episode 30 last Saturday. Episode 31 will air on January 5 at 12:00 am Eastern/Pacific due to the holiday break. It has yet to be announced what Toonami and Funimation’s plans are regarding future seasons of My Hero Academia on Toonami when the time comes ahead.

Update 12/21: During the Jump Festa 2018 event this week, Toho has released a new trailer for the upcoming season, which you can see below. Spoiler warning for those following the series through the Toonami airings.


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