Written By: Darrell Maddox

Once again the prodigy JFKratez of Cypha360z returns with another album called M.I.A. (Making Instrumentals At). JFKratez comes back with this album after completing S.L.A.N.G. this past summer which was also a hallmark to his genius as an artist, but let’s get back to M.I.A. I have to say in this album JFKratez is showing his skills as a master MC yet again listening to sick bass lines that have an old school feel, reminding you of that feel good music we used to listen to back in the 80s and 90s before Hip/Hop fell off and became all glitz and glamour. Though as always with JFKratez you can tell when he’s trying to get the audience to see him as the main character in his music telling a story as always. With videogame, anime, and even some clever historical references interwoven into his lyrics, M.I.A. is definitely an entertaining album to listen to. Don’t believe me? Just listen to my two favorite tracks from this album which are “Take a walk” and “Nami.” This is why Geek E Inc. Productions gives M.I.A. a 9 out of 10.

You can play his new album below and also click the download link to get the album now for FREE. To submit your album for review, email us at contactus@geekeinc.com and be sure to give us a link to your bandcamp page and Twitter.