Dragon Ball Super is set to debut in a few days on Toonami Asia and with that we thought we would reach out to Turner Asia and get the English Dub cast for the show. Here’s the cast that we’ve been told so far:

Goku – Lex Lang

Goten – Dana Hayes

Beerus – Archie Fletcher

King Kai – Michael McConnohie

Vegeta – Kaiji Tang

Trunks – Haley Lewis

Piccolo – Ray Chase

Gohan – Chris Hackney

Whis – Doug Erholtz

We are in the process of getting the rest of the cast and will update you guys as we get more info. Let us know what you think of the Toonami Asia/BangZoom Dub of Dragon Ball Super.

Update 1/16/17

Here are a few more cast members and the characters they voice:

Wendee Lee – Bulma

Michelle Ruff – Chi Chi

Brian Beacock – Krillin

Erika Harlacher – Videl

Spike Spencer – Buu