Cowboy Bebop has returned and starting this Saturday, you can see it once again. Along with that, there are some other schedule changes. Here is the new schedule starting this week:

7/26 Line Up

Attack on Titan – 11:30p

Bleach – 12:00a

Space Dandy World Premiere – 12:30a

Naruto: Shippuden – 1:00a

One Piece – 1:30a

Blue Exorcist – 2:00a

Beware the Batman – 2:30a

Black Lagoon – 3:00a

Uncut Naruto – 3:30a

FMA: Brotherhood – 4:00a

Cowboy Bebop – 4:30a

Star Wars the Clone Wars – 5:00a

Samurai Jack – 5:30a

Schedule changes include Sym-Bionic Titan is off the block again with Samurai Jack moving to 5:30 AM. Cowboy Bebop takes over the 4:30 AM time slot, Beware The Batman moves to 2:30 AM with new episodes never seen on broadcast television, and Black Lagoon moves back to 3:00 AM. What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know what you think.