Three Words: TWO NEW SHOWS!

Here is this week's new promo. Jason and Adult Swim try to fake us out, while giving us a surprise: TWO NEW SHOWS. Watch the video to find out...

Skyrim Game Review

Tonight's promo on Toonami was another game review. This time TOM review the game Skyrim. The funny thing about this was after the review ended, it began to trend...

TOM Speech – Fall Down 7, Get Up 8

Here is the new speech from TOM. Fall down 7 times, get up 8. That's the name of this speech. Enjoy.

Slender Game Review

Here is the new game review from Toonami. It's interesting that they did two in a row, but even more interesting is the fact that TOM can not give...

Catherine Video Game Review

This week's new promo is a video game review of Catherine. This game is not your typical video game ...and that is not a bad thing. Watch the video...

Reruns Speech

Posted on June 30, 2012

Toonami Music Video – To Hell With Fear

This was the newest video from Toonami tonight. The music video is simply titled "To Hell With Fear." Comment and tell us what you think.