Hot off the presses, Toonami published what its schedule will look like for the next three weeks, and in it, we learned of a new series set to premiere. Get excited because the much-anticipated third season of Dr. Stone will debut in June of this year! But that wasn’t the only piece of news we got from this latest post, as Toonami is STILL waiting on the big announcement that has been teased for some time (as they said on Facebook, no, they are not trolling).

First, the May 20 will be a carbon copy of the May 13 schedule. There is nothing to evaluate here as it is a stall lineup as Toonami and fans wait for the new series to join the block. So there is little to unpack with that part of the announcement.

For the Memorial Day Weekend, Toonami has opted to have a marathon of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal. However, that would mean that an episode would repeat unless Toonami debuted a brand new episode on that Saturday (which is highly unlikely). So all five episodes will get a Toonami showcase for the holiday, with another repeating for the night. And while marathons are not the most exciting news for Toonami fans, the June 3 schedule should have many people talking.

However, the biggest shock came from the final graphic, which revealed Dr. Stone’s third season would debut on Toonami starting on June 3 at 12:30 a.m., replacing Primal, which will no longer be airing on the block. The rest of the lineup will stay the same with Unicorn: Warriors Eternal batting lead-off with Food Wars!, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, and My Hero Academia to follow after Dr. Stone. It was a huge fan favorite, and it should be exciting (no pun intended) to see how Senku and his kingdom of science brave the new world (much like the Straw Hats in One Piece). While the English dub is available to stream on Crunchyroll, it is excellent for Toonami fans to get a chance to check it out if they haven’t already on the streaming service. However, we want to advise fans to watch the Ryūsui Special Episode that premiered earlier this year. Sadly it would appear that Toonami wasn’t able to acquire that (it being its own entity would force Toonami to make a brand new deal for that as well), and with it being canon and integral to the overall plot of Dr. Stone (which we will link here from Crunchyroll). Much like the third film of Made in Abyss is mandatory watching for fans, this will be another homework assignment for the Faithfuls not to feel lost for Season Three. 

Crunchyroll also sent out a press release for the third season of Dr. Stone. When it was first sent out, it informed fans of a brand new trailer and what to expect, with a synopsis and an English and Japanese cast list for the beloved series. Below you can read what we were given to be ready for what’s the come in the latest part of the adventure.

With the Stone Wars over, the former members of Tsukasa’s Empire of Might join forces with the Kingdom of Science to build a ship capable of sailing across open ocean to seek answers on the mystery of the global petrification. However, before they can begin their voyage Senku and his friends need to find some key resources and push some new scientific advancements to build the type of vessel they need. 

English voice cast:

  • Aaron Dismuke as Senku Ishigami
  • Matt Shipman as Chrome
  • Felecia Angelle as Kohaku
  • Brandon McInnis as Asagiri Gen
  • Clifford Chapin as Ryusui Nanami
  • Ricco Fajardo as Taiju Oki
  • Brittany Lauda as Yuzuriha Ogawa
  • Josh Grelle as Kinro
  • Justin Briner as Ginro
  • Mark Allen Jr. as Ukyo Saionji
  • Jerry Jewell as Hyoga
  • J. Michael Tatum as Magma
  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Suika

And just for clarification, Paul Pescrillo asked Jason DeMarco on Twitter to clarify that the Dr. Stone reveal was NOT the big thing they planned for Toonami. As the Facebook post stated, they are still waiting for the go-ahead to announce the big thing they have been quiet about for some time. We are anxiously waiting to learn what they’ve had in the works, and we hope the wait is worth it as we close in on the halfway point of 2023! Who knows what the future has in store for Toonami fans, with the air of mystery filling our imagination.

How excited are you for Dr. Stone’s third season premiering on Toonami? And what do you think is also joining the block? Tell us on our social media pages or in the comment section below!

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