Welcome to Geek-E Incorporated, so what exactly is Geek-E Inc. anyway? Well this company is the brainchild from a group of guys who do a certain podcast on Sunday nights which gets posted on Tuesday night. Well let’s get into it shall we. The content on this site is our property and what you can expect from us is quality material. Here at Geek-E we believe in striving for excellence. So to go further into what we do at Geek-E Inc. We will be doing reviews on your favorite anime, movies, manga, games, and other areas of interest for fans of the anime industry, I would also like to take time to tell you that the distribution of all NerdCore music will be done from Geek-E as well as a member of the Geek-E staff I would like to thank you for your support in our new endeavor and remember the reason why we even do this, is because of you the fans and without you. This would not even be possible. So here’s to the maiden flight of Geek-E Inc.; the next wave in how you receive your anime related information and with that being said GEEK OUT!