A lot of shows from the past are getting reboots these days and Voltron is no exception. This time, Netflix and Dreamworks Animation teamed up to create an official reboot of the series Voltron: Legendary Defenders using the team that created Legend of Korra. So is this series worth the watch? Let’s find out.

For the first time since the series debuted, Voltron has an actual reboot. Fans of Voltron, however, will tell you that two Voltron series have attempted to continue the series in different ways.

Voltron: The Third Dimension (1998)

A computer-animated series done in the same animation style as Beast Wars. The series was set five years from the original Voltron and changed the designs of Voltron itself by having Stealth Voltron. It actually won a 1999 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing – Special Class Rick Hinson (supervising sound editor), Elizabeth Hinson. Legal issues prevented the series from continuing.

Voltron Force (2011)

This is a recent adaptation of Voltron which follows the original story line. In this, the original Voltron team adds five recruits who they train to one day take over the duties of the legendary defenders. The series lasted one season on the Nicktoons Channel.

While I had no issue with either series, Voltron truly did not get a reboot until now. It seems the third time is a charm in this case as this series, unlike others, has a real shot of becoming a hit American action cartoon that could have the potential of many seasons on Netflix.

Let’s talk about the series itself. First, here’s the synopsis of the series:

For 10,000 years, the evil Galra Empire has plagued the universe, conquering planet after planet and destroying other races. The only known threat to their power in the legendary giant robot Voltron, whose components are five mechanical lions that combine into a humanoid robot. Seeking to protect Voltron from the Galrans, King Alfor of Altea tied their energies to his daughter Allura’s life force and scattered them across the universe over 10,000 years ago, while Allura, her retainer Coran, and the royal castle were hidden on planet Arus with the Black Lion inside. In the present, the Galra’s path of conquest has led them to Earth’s solar system, which happens to be the hiding place of the Blue Lion. This component of Voltron eventually brought the five new pilots of Voltron (Shiro, Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk) to Arus, where they met Allura and became resolved to defend the universe and defeat the Galra.

Much like the first series, these five new pilots throughout the new series learn how to form Voltron and work as a team. However, there is no Galaxy Alliance and the Earth has no clue there is any alien life in the universe let alone the Galra. Voltron is a legend and its been 10,000 years since Voltron appeared. Princess Allura does not fly one of the lions and the main purpose of the team is to bring down the Galra and bring peace back to the universe. In the previous version, Arus was protected by the Lions, but that’s because the castle was there. These are just some of the differences you will see in the new version of Voltron.

So should you see this series? Absolutely. Visually, Voltron has never looked better thanks to Dreamworks Animation. The series has a clear, crisp HD picture in every episode of season 1. The voice cast here couldn’t have been better in my opinion. I especially like Josh Keaton, the voice of Shiro, and Neil Kaplan, the voice of Emperor Zarkon. I think these were good choices for the roles they play and you will see that in season one. Speaking of the characters, there isn’t a lack of development here. Shiro and Pidge both get their fair share of growth while the other members of the team have yet to be explored. Normally, this would be a negative, but there is a reason why these two characters get the majority of the development here and it does not take away from season one in my opinion. You will have to watch the whole season to see what I mean.

The story itself is fantastic. This Voltron has its own story while sticking to the original characters involved in the series as well as some key elements from the original. The only negative we can hold against this series is the forced jokes. In some cases, the jokes did not fit or could have been written better. In other words, they come across forced. Adding all this together and considering this is only the first season of this series, I can only conclude this not only is one of the best shows I’ve seen lately, but it deserves at least another season. This is why Voltron: Legendary Defenders season one gets an 9 out of 10.

You can find Voltron: Legendary Defender now on Netflix. Also, if you can find it, check out the original series as well. It will give you some insight into this series.

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