We here at ToonamiFaithful.com are dedicated to bringing you Toonami from around the world. To review for those that don’t know, Toonami Asia is a channel overseas that is similar to our Toonami. However, this Toonami has its own TOM of sorts and this one is a woman. Her name is Nami and she looks completely different. Glenn Bartlett, the man in charge of Toonami Asia, told us that Nami exists in the same universe as TOM so we hope one day TOM & SARA can meet Nami. Anyways, we have some content from Toonami Asia on the story of Nami. Below are 3 promos for the origins of Nami. A 3rd promo is forth coming along with something else we can’t disclose yet. Let’s just say you will like what is. Let us know what you think of her story by commenting below. Also, if you have questions about the videos, please post you questions on those videos on the YouTube videos. The producers from Toonami Asia, Arkham and Blackgate, will answer them.

Original Promo

First Short Promo

Second Short Promo