Last year, we sat down with the creators of Swat Kats to talk about the original series and new series that they have successfully kickstarted. Well, we have an update for you. Here’s the update from the creators:

We are pleased to let you know that while we prepared the reward items we had a preliminary Swat-Kats business meeting, and a Major Hollywood Studio has expressed serious interest in developing the SWAT-KATS TV series with us!! There will be an important meeting happening this month, and we will know then if they will move forward. Let’s cross all our fingers as this would be what we are all looking for and AMAZING!!

Also, we are pleased to let you know that we will be at the ANIME MATSURI Convention, in Houston Texas, February 25-28th 2016:

Looks like this series maybe happening as well. What studio is interested we do not know, but we hope that Cartoon Network or even Adult Swim might be involved. With Samurai Jack coming back, anything at this point could be possible. Keep checking back with us as we will try to update you once info comes in.