As one of the leading Toonami fan sites out there helping to trend shows, we wanted to change some things up a bit when it comes to trending. First, with the exception of this weekend, we will no longer try to trend anything before Midnight on Saturday nights. The reason for this is because we feel at this stage that we need to focus on getting every show on the block to trend and not just the first 3 hours. We will revisit it in the future if we see ratings dip a lot and or if expansion seems to be possible. Any questions about this? Email us at and we will try to explain. Now, here are this week’s trending plans:

First, in case you are confused on when to start tweeting in your time zone, this is when you should start tweeting:

Eastern: 11:00 PM

Central: 10:00 PM

Mountain: 9:00 PM

Pacific: 8:00 PM

Here is what you should be tweeting (This is an example for Eastern Time):

#PacificRim – 11:00 PM – 11:59 PM (Also tweet this when the interview comes on between 12 and 1230).

#Bleach on Toonami – 12:00 AM

#Naruto on Toonami – 12:30 AM

#OnePiece on Toonami – 1:00 AM

#SoulEater on Toonami – 1:30 AM

#IGPX on Toonami – 2:00 AM

#Eureka7 on Toonami – 2:30 AM

#Thundercats on Toonami – 3:00 AM

#SymBionicTitanS2 on Toonami – 3:30 AM

#FMABrotherhood on Toonami – 4:00 AM

#CowboyBebop on Toonami – 4:30 AM

#InuYasha on Tooanmi – 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Please share, retweet, or reblog these plans to everyone and let them know every show needs to trend. Remember: In the fall, Twitter will count one way or another for Nielsen Ratings so this is important to do.