Just announced via the official Toonami Tumblr, it has been announced that Dragon Ball Z movie 5: Cooler’s Revenge will be playing during the  DST hour on November 1st at 2 am. The movie will be playing between a new episode of Hellsing Ultimate and a repeat of Space Dandy. This isn’t the first time Cooler’s Revenge has aired on the revived Toonami block. The movie previously played the weekend of Momocon 2014, where it was announced at the Toonami panel(which our staff provided coverage of) that Dragon Ball Z Kai would be airing on the block. Since then, it has been announced that it will be replacing Bleach, the week following Cooler’s Revenge airing. This airing is most likely to build excitement for the return of Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. You can look at the full schedule of Toonami on DST below.


Will you be watching the special airing of Cooler’s Revenge on November 1st? Comment below and tell us what you think of this news.