Welcome to 2015 folks. As we do every year, its time to update you on trending and what time shows will be on now. Changes to the schedule: Inuyasha: The Final Act moves to 1 AM moving everything back. Deadman Wonderland returns thanks to you guys out there and plays at 2:30 AM. Cowboy Bebop starts back at episode 1 now in HD at 4 AM. Lastly, IGPX returns to Toonami at 5 AM.

Leaving Toonami is FMA Brotherhood which has been on the block since May 26, 2012 and also having its run before that on ASA. Big O Season 2 also leaves returning to the vault (so to speak) for a rest. Here is the trending schedule going forward:

Note: These are examples of how to use the show and Toonami in the same sentence on Twitter. Only use Toonami as a word and not a hash tag.

11:30 PM – #AttackOnTitan is on Toonami

12:00 AM – #DBZKai is on Toonami

12:30 AM – #Naruto Shippuden is on Toonami

1:00 AM – #InuyashaFinalAct is on Toonami

1:30 AM – #OnePiece is on Toonami

2:00 AM – #GurrenLagann is on Toonami

2:30 AM – #DeadmanWonderland is on Toonami

3:00 AM – #Bleach is on Toonami

3:30 AM – #SpaceDandy is on Toonami

4:00 AM – #CowboyBebop is on Toonami

4:30 AM – #GITS is on Toonami

5:00 AM – #IGPX is on Toonami

5:30 AM – #SamuraiJack is on Toonami

This schedule is to help trend shows during Toonami. It is your choice whether or not use it.