Starting this weekend, Toonami returns to Midnight with the block returning to its original run of 12 AM – 3:30 AM. Not times slots have been taken away. Also, we do need to note that for the next two weeks, Toonami will have a different schedule. This weekend, for example, the block will on until 4:30 am due to Toonami losing the rights to Parasyte. The last 3 episodes will play starting at 3 AM. Here’s the new Line Up Promo in case you get confused:

Next week, Toonami will repeat the Season Finale of One Punch Man at 3 AM. For those of you keeping track, that is Saturday, October 8th at 3 AM. Click here for more info.


Lastly, on October 15th at 12:30 AM Jo Jo Bizarre Adventures will debut. As of this article, we do not know what is playing at 3 AM. While we would like to say One Punch Man, until that is announced, take that as a rumor more than truth. More updates to come as they are announced so stay tuned to our feed for more info.