YO-KAI WATCH on Toonami Asia

Toonami Asia has acquired the rights to play a popular series called Yo-Kai Watch. In all, the series has 65 half hour episodes and the series will be available in all markets that have Toonami Asia. Starting on June 27, Toonami will air the quirky series as part of its Anime Siege primetime programming block which runs on weekends from 9:30am and also includes Beast Saga, Beywheelz, Beywarriors Beyraiderz, Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy, Beywarriors Cyborg and Dragonball Z Kai. Here is a synopsis of the series:

Keita Amano is just a regular boy living in a regular place called Sakura New Town. One summer’s day, he encounters a strange white Yo-kai called Whisper, who starts following him around. Whisper gives Keita a strange timepiece known as the Yo-kai Watch, and with it, he starts finding Yo-kai all over his hometown!

Keita soon learns that most everyday troubles are caused by Yo-kai, and that by persuading and sometimes battling with them, he can solve people’s problems, and make new Yo-kai friends in the process!

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