Some major news dropped in the anime world as FUNimation’s catalog became part of Crunchyroll’s library. It will be interesting to see how the two sides continue to move forward as the biggest distributor of anime in the U.S. There will be a ripple effect as more of this combination as the market will look vastly different than what anime fans of the past will remember. But instead of any doom and gloom talk, Toonami Faithful published a collaborative article to highlight Black performances, characters, and individuals you should check out if you haven’t. Curious about everything else that was going on? Well, read up on the latest installment of This Week From Toonami!

Big news occurred in the anime world with the merge of Crunchyroll and FUNimation becoming more and more real. However, while many thought that Crunchyroll’s catalog would be heading to FUNimation, the opposite was announced, showcasing that the entire library will have a home on Crunchyroll’s streaming website. In an odd move, the two companies even mentioned how fans who want to continue to stream anime should cancel their FUNimation subscription and go back to Crunchyroll (which feels silly to say). Now all eyes will be on the two companies to see how this will change the landscape of anime for consumers of streaming and possibly Toonami.

Dr. Stone has officially ended after over 200 chapters. In the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the beloved scientific series received a color spread and a send-off that has many fans happy at the complete journey. But it isn’t completely finished, at least not yet. In the summer, when the special anime episode premieres (Dr. Stone: Ryusui special), another chapter will be released. But fret not Toonami fans, there’s still more of the story to be adapted in anime form, as 2023 will be when the third season of Dr. Stone premieres. We are so thankful Toonami was able to air an incredible story that captured the hearts of fans all over, and we cannot wait to see how everything unfolds in the anime.

Actor John Cho recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to share his feelings on the cancellation of the live-action Cowboy Bebop series Netflix produced. He was quoted to say, “it was very shocking, and I was bummed.” He would share about his injury while filming and that his family could be with him during the shooting in New Zealand. Cho would mention how much the warm fan reception surprised him and appreciated how much fans cared about the property. Say what you will about the adaptation; the actors cared about putting the best product they could. It’s just a shame how poor the live-action series was received and that Netflix pulled the plug as quickly as they did. 

Fullmetal Alchemist fans have more content to look forward to, as two new live-action films are in the works! The official Twitter account announced that the two movies would premiere in May and June titled Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Avenger Scar and Fullmetal Alchemist: Final Chapter – The Last Transmutation. Anime News Network reports that the first film will premiere on May 20 and follows Edward’s fight with Scar, and the second film debuts on June 24 and depicts the story’s final battle. The trailer released recently is narrated by the Japanese voice of Edward Elric, which is a neat easter egg for super fans. After watching, the film looks very interesting, and the special effects look amazing! It should be something Fullmetal Alchemist fans should keep their eyes on when it becomes available to see in the U.S.

We’ve reported before how Universal Studios Japan planned a Hunter x Hunter-themed show experience later this year. A poster to promote has been spotted and looks intriguing, with Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Hisoka gracing the advertisement. Universal Studios Japan showed nothing else so far, but Hunter x Hunter fans in Japan should be excited as the grand opening comes closer.

Toonami Faithful is sad to report the sudden passing of Kirk Baily. While most known for his live-action acting (Salute Your Shorts), Baily was also the voice of Shin in Cowboy Bebop (currently airing on Toonami) and Millions Knives in Trigun. His passing on Feb. 27 came as a shock for the anime community as his partner confirmed that Baily lost his battle with lung cancer. He was 59. Toonami Faithful would like to offer our condolences to Baily’s loved ones, friends, and everyone he touched during a tremendous career and life of entertaining many. 

On the latest Toonami Faithful Podcast episode, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson is joined by Bryan “Laser Kid” Johnson, Happy Kuro Kitty, and CJ Maffris to talk about the first seven episodes of Made in Abyss. Both Sketch and CJ had experienced the series back when it first simulcasted in the U.S., with Kuro and Laser Kid watching it for the first time. The two are waiting for the “shoe to drop” due to the massive hype they’ve seen online about the twist and turns in the series, with Sketch and CJ explaining why Made in Abyss is unique compared to other Toonami series. The conversation goes to every level in the abyss as they talk up the storytelling, lore, and music. The gang also switches gears to talk about Cosmo Samurai 2 and mentions how much they enjoy the newest story. Make sure you check out the latest episode when you get a chance!

To celebrate Black History month, staff writer Happy Kuro Kitty collaborated with current and former staff members to highlight Black excellence in anime through performances, characters, or people. In the article, you’ll read about all sorts of perspectives and help prove why representation in anime matters both on and off the screen. We hope you take the time to check out this lengthy piece spearheaded by Kuro, and we hope you can share other examples of Black excellence in anime to continue showing that diversity in the field is needed.

Nozomi has found herself in a jam in the latest episode of Shenmue the Animation. The Mad Angels have done their homework on Ryo and have taken her hostage to force his hand in killing Guizhang. And all of this started because Ryo needed to get some cash to fly to Hong Kong. So I guess forklifts are to blame for this pickle. However, Laser Kid does his best to tell you all you need to know in his latest review of the series, and he’s been wildly impressed so far. Touched by the theme of family in this episode, Laser Kid navigates readers on a lot of what was going on and how they are all connected in helping Ryo reach his ultimate goal. If you’re a fan of Shenmue the Animation, this is one review you have to check out!

Staff member Varun “VLordGTZ” Gupta recently published a new episode on Over Soul: Shaman King Podcast. He’s joined by Marion “microwaevy” Peña, Sakaki, and special guest Divinenga to talk about volumes 12 and 13 of the manga Shaman King. If you’re a big fan of Shaman King, we cannot recommend you check this episode out!

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