By: Darrell Maddox

What can I say about “The Rising Sun” by Mike-Fly Walker after listening to this album I was completely blown away. Mike definitely has a way of adding spice to his beats by using elements of jazz, rock n roll and soulful R&B to his mix, nothing but that old school flavor. To fully get the full effect of this artist rhymes you have to be somewhere where the lights are down low and no one will disturb you because it’s just that good. Mike has a unique flow that’s versatile, he comes off with playful undertones in his flow but then it gets serious and brings you back to that time when hip/hop was pure and untainted. If I was to compare his rhymes to Courvoisier, I would tell you that it is smooth and mellows you out at the exact moment you need it, and if you haven’t copped this album yet you need too! Sleeping on it would be a cardinal sin! The Rising Sun will not be disappoint you so get it today. This is why I give The Rising Sun by Mike FlyWalker a 10 out 10. To get the CD or just play it, click on the player below. After listening, comment below and let us know what you think of the album.