Coming on the deck, swinging hard, we have Nerdcore artist TekForce with his album “Tek Support Grid Edition” and the moment I heard the intro, I was hooked. Tek holds no punches coming at you with a few catchy hooks, sick 808s, basslines, percussion riffs, strings and I definitely have to mention those jazzy undertones in the beats on certain tracks. TekForce brought me back to a time when hip hop was still pure and untainted.

This album is truly a banger and worthy of being played in the club or being blasted in your ride with the windows and the speakers cranked up to the maximum decibel level so everyone can listen to it while you drive down the street. The themes of videogames, comic books, and social media are just a few things in the nerd world we can relate to which makes this a bonus for those of us who love Nerdcore Hip Hop that talks about something that a lot of us get passionate about. To be blunt, TekForce is giving us a narrative of his story and who he is with this album. Nothing but eargasms all the way through this CD.

I felt like I was being transported back in time with this music. The lyrics were on point and TekForce shows his mastery as an MC on the microphone. This album keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. I could not stop listening and just kept this album on repeat. Great subject matter all the way through this album. One of my favorite tracks on this album was “Put Your Hands Up” featuring SkyBlew and Vincent Rockafella. It definitely reminds you of a track that Biggie would lay down some lyrics to with QTip and Eric Sermon coming in on the next verses to murk it for a potent knockout punch. TekForce brings so much heat on this album that it could melt a volcano that is on the sun especially with his track “Alter Ego.” Straight beastmode!

This album is truly one I would consider an instant nerdcore Hip Hop classic. It has a raw feel to it, but it shows a lot of progression in the how Tek evolves in his style. Also, I definitely love the way Tek switches up his style when he spits bars. He definitely shows versatility and being able to keep it fresh during his delivery and the energy level for a lack of a better phrase “Over 9000!” This album gets a 9 out of 10 rating from Geek-E Inc and myself. It only has one drawback: I want more tracks on it! TekForce is definitely worth listening to.