Following the broadcast of Episode 24 of Sword Art Online season 3 in Japan, it has been announced that the series will go on a 24 week off-season, with the second half premiering in Japan sometime in October 2019.

Toonami just aired Episode 6 this past Saturday after a technical glitch pre-empted the premiere a week before, meaning we still have 18 episodes before we reach that point. But with Megalo Box now completed and with The Promised Neverland’s premiere needing an additional two weeks before launch, Toonami will have back to back episodes of SAO airing for the next two weeks, with Episodes 7 and 8 airing tonight from 12:30-1:30am Eastern/Pacific, while Episodes 9-10 airing next Saturday April 6 at that same time.

Toonami and Aniplex USA have yet to reveal what their plans are for the third and fourth cours of Project Alicization at this time.

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