This weekend on Saturday, April 15, the Toonami lineup is a little different. With Attack on Titan Season 2 starting a week earlier, Toonami is playing the last two episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures starting at 12:30 AM. This means Tokyo Ghoul is taking a week off and will return on Saturday, April 22nd. Here’s the line up:

11:00 PM – Samurai Jack

11:30 PM – Dragon Ball Super

12:00 AM – DBZ Kai: The Final Chapters

12:30 AM – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

1:00 AM – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

1:30 AM – Hunter X Hunter

2:00 AM – Gundam Unicorn

2:30 AM – Shippuden

3:00 AM – Ghost in the Shell

Be sure to tell your friends and share this post. Remember: Attack on Titan Season 2 starts next week at 12:30 AM and Tokyo Ghoul returns to 1:00 AM as well.