Greetings Toonami Faithful,

I’ll admit I don’t do this much and really there’s been some stuff I’ve wanted to do but never have the time but this is one that I really have to address right now before the next ratings post goes up today. So be prepared for some disappointing stuff.

As we all know, some shows have been encoring at 8PM due to the potential for extra ratings and the fact that we all know they have the reruns to do so. I think as of this point, One Piece is off the schedule but I have no idea nor do I really care. I enjoy One Piece, it’s not the bee’s knees or anything like that (insert any and all hate now.) There have been people who have been requesting the 8PM slot in the ratings post and Sketch has been adding them into them outside my knowledge since I never really read the comments. Honestly, beyond “Why is X show doing so badly?” and “OMG THIS IS AMAZING” it’s just not relevant to me to check every hour or at all.

So I’m going to clarify what will be going into the ratings post from here on out:

First will be the link to the @SonOfTheBronx forum post at TVMediaInsights where I get all my information. If you want a faster way of getting the ratings news, follow that guy. He’s amazing and deserves all the props for getting us the ratings every week. I just post them here so that you people can read them in a slightly larger and simpler (hopefully) format.

Second then will be the total number ratings. Only RELEVANT time slots will be posted. By “relevant” show I mean any show that is in an official Toonami timeslot, or one where TOM officially introduces the show. Now I know the first thing that people will say is:

“But Colt! Why no 8PM DBZ Kai?!”

Honestly, it’s not relevant to the block. It’s just reruns. To me, they have zero chance of getting Toonami higher up in time as most Fox reruns will beat any show Toonami runs.

Harsh? Yes. But for the sake of keeping things simple this is how it’s going to be. If you want those numbers for record keeping, fine. The link is at the top of the posts cause I won’t have them in my spreadsheet.

“But you still post Family Guy/American Dad/King of the Hill!”

Yes but that’s because we had those timeslot last year due to getting Space Dandy/the extension to the block with old/freebie shows and the comparison potential still exists. Until we reach January 1st, 2016 it’ll remain that way. Please keep in mind, I did ask people for feedback on if you wanted comedy shows in the ratings posts and not many people sent me info. So I kept them based on the feedback I got.

Depending on fitting and looks, it’ll either be the previous year or the A18-49 numbers, same rules as the total numbers. I’m going to try to get them all in one table but it may end up being too small so it will be one or the other. Just be on the lookout for the top bar and if it holds A18-49 then it’s there. If not, look below.

While I understand that people will want everything anime related, it’s not necessary Toonami related and I try to keep the post within the Toonami block alone. I apologize if I piss anyone off with this but this is why I’m going to emphasize @SonOfTheBronx’s posts in order to help people go there to find the remaining information.

If people keep demanding more and more, it’ll get to the point where I’m doing the entirety of Saturday night and I’m better off not even doing the post as @SonOfTheBronx already does that for us every week on Tuesday about….3pm for total numbers and….like…6pm for A18-49? Not sure, I’m usually playing DND at that time.

Hopefully all will understand and I thank you for the continued views on those posts.

Data Monkey, out.