For the last few months, we have been telling you about us moving the Toonami Faithful Podcast to SoundCloud. Now that all the episodes of the podcast are up on our page as well as our exclusive interviews, we are now using SoundCloud full time. So what does this mean for listeners? Let’s try to explain:

1. Why SoundCloud? – SoundCloud is not only cheap, but it allows us to expand the podcast to more devices. The SoundCloud app can be download for FREE on Apple, Android and Windows devices. Also, you can actually play the podcast from now. This is why we decided this was the best option for us.

2. Will you still be available on ITunes and Stitcher? – Yes. Stitcher is already connected to our Soundcloud and should be fully updated. ITunes will switch to our feed. We may run into issues with this at first, but if we do we have an alternate plan in place so no worries Apple users.

3. Can you still use Podomatic? After February 28, we will no longer be using Podomatic.

Hopefully this answers all your questions about the podcast. Please be sure to follow us on SoundCloud, Stitcher and Itunes and thanks again for listening to our podcast.

Note: You can play the podcast on the right hand side of the screen right now.