Netflix and Dreamworks Animation have recreated a show that many have loved since they were a kid (including myself). That show would be Voltron. Voltron is, in my opinion, one of the best American action cartoons out there and both companies should be given credit for bringing it back to what it is today. Voltron was on of the first shows on Toonami and what always attracted me to the show was the 5 lions forming a single human like mech that took down evil. The current version captures that even better than the original while also having slight changes to it. There’s been many attempts at a Voltron series. The current on is the best. All that said, Netflix has begun to break up each season into two seasons and while I understand why they are doing it, I don’t believe it to be in the companies best interest to continue this practice. Whoever it may be, the breaking up of seasons of Voltron needs to end.

From the beginning, Voltron has had two full seasons of 12-13 episodes coming out. People were able to binge the series much like other Netflix shows, and it left them wanting more. This has been the model Netflix (and other streaming websites) have followed for feels like forever now. However, it seems that Netflix has started to split up seasons with Season 3 making people think that the show has two separate seasons. Here’s the problem: even with breaking it up into two distinct seasons, it feels like one season of the series. So it can leave fans feeling cheated, with having to wait for the rest of the season to be released. For example, episode 6 of season 3; the episode gives us a lot of insight into what is coming up later in Voltron, but there’s no conflict. No season finale that neatly ties the story together. Just an episode of Voltron. Then, several months later, Netflix releases the rest of the season and gives a much more satisfying ending. So in reality, Season 3 and Season 4 should considered as just the third season (in my eyes). It’s confusing which is why I’d like Netflix (or whoever) to stop breaking up a season to six episodes. So what can Netflix do to make fans of Voltron feel better about the seasons? One idea that comes to mind is to release one episode a week, instead of their usual model of releasing all the episodes at once.

Netflix could adapt a network TV model and put Voltron out once a week (or follow what streaming websites like FUNimationNow and Crunchyroll do). By breaking up Voltron already, Netflix seems to be signaling they might be looking to do this in the future. Also, this would allow Netflix to do the one thing I (and maybe others) would like them to do in creating promos! If any series needs promos on Netflix, Voltron does. Imagine if instead of Netflix, Toonami was airing Voltron. Knowing how well the people at Adult Swim does with creating promos, leaves me to wonder just how awesome they could be. I believe that the Toonami audience would love to watch Voltron on a week-to-week schedule (considering how loyal the fanbase is). No need to binge, and if you miss it, the episodes would eventually show up on Netflix to watch anytime.

The significant issues with that occurring are that you don’t usually see streaming services go week-to-week (especially with Western shows), and Netflix shows are “generally” off limits for television to air. Jason DeMarco has mentioned recently that getting a Netflix show looks to be out of the range of possibility, at least for Toonami. However, there is an interesting example that I became aware of involving CBS and Star Trek Discovery. The first season came out one episode at a time on every Sunday on its new streaming service CBS All Access. Now, I’m not sure if they will continue to follow that same format, but it is something that has happened. So why shouldn’t Netflix give it a shot considering how marketable the company is.

In my opinion, Netflix should either return to putting out Voltron all at once or adopt the network TV model of posting one episode a week. Either way, Voltron continues to not only be one of my favorite series out there but brings so much to the table with its voice cast and storylines. It has blown me away (as well as others), and I think forcing fans to wait for half seasons and playing them off as two separate seasons does a disservice to those who genuinely enjoy what’s being made.