As you all know by now, announced this week on our podcast is Samurai Jack and we thought we would bring you new Toonami fans the old promos and intros of it on Toonami. First, here is the intro to the show and no its not a Toonami intro.

First Toonami intro is from the TOM 2 era. Here it is:

Next is the second Toonami intro from the TOM 3 era. Here it is:

Now we move to promos of Samurai Jack. You can find all these promos on, but this is one that is currently not there which includes both the micro series Star Wars: Clone Wars and Samurai Jack. Here it is:

Here is another Toonami promo for Samurai Jack Birth of Evil. Here it is:

As we said above, you can see the rest of the promos on What do you guys think of these past Samurai Jack intros and promos? Comment below and let us know.