This week’s #OldSchoolFriday promo is once again from @FrankFullmetal on Twitter. It’s the Samurai 7 Finale promo. Here’s what he had to say about this promo:

The Samurai 7 promo was epic! It really set the stage for the final battle. The promo showed how far the samurai had come and the ideals they fought for. The music used throughout is extremely fitting as the promo heats up with great action. Howard Parker’s narration is excellent as always. I loved Kikuchiyo’s quote at the end: “When samurai raise their swords, they don’t hesitate to bring them down!” That quote combined with the promo’s music track and the background flute used at that moment was unbelievable. After the promo finished, I could not wait for the next two episodes. I knew that many of the samurai would fall, but the final battle would be a sight to behold. This is easily my favorite promo from the Tom 3.5 era.

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