In celebration of The Powerpuff Girls celebrating their 15th Anniversary, @EnterThought has submitted two promos from the past for Power Puff Girls on Toonami. The first promo is the second intro for PPG on Toonami. This is what he said about this promo:

PPG was always one of my favorite shows to watch on CN and I loved watching it even more on Toonami. This track used here is actually a specially made one for the show called “Puff & Bass” you can find it on the Toonami album Deep Space Bass. I love the fact that this track merges together elements from the show itself and the beats we were all familiar with when it comes to Toonami. The promo has a lot of energy too perfectly encapsulating the fact that the girls are sweet and cuddly but can kick your ass in a most painful way.

And the second promo was for the PPG Movie. This is what he said about this promo:

This movie rocks and I love the track they put on this one. I love the fact they decided to show all the dark imagery that made this movie such a departure from the original show. The showdown with Mojo at the end is a great scene and I’m glad they found a way to mix it with the cute energy the other parts have. Throw in a great Blossom pun (It’s time to end this gorilla warfare!) and an adorable Bubbles line (There’s too many monkeys!) and you’ve got a great promo.

What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know. Again, if you guys want us to post your favorite promo for Toonami past or present, email us at Make sure to include your twitter account, the link to the promo on YouTube and a synopsis of why liked that promo.