For those who can’t get enough Dragon Ball Super news, then today was the day for you. Just a few days ago fans were treated with a short clip of the Toonami Asia dub of Dragon Ball Super that was dubbed by the good people at Bang Zoom! Entertainment. Adding on to that, fans were teased earlier today by Toei Animation about an announcement for Dragon Ball Super.

Low and behold not even an hour later where FUNimation was able to list out the cast for Dragon Ball Super finally.

Nearly the entire cast from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai will reprise their roles in the next installment. The list includes Sean Schemmel as Goku, Christopher Sabat as Vegeta and Jason Douglas as Beerus. However, there have been some slight changes to the voice cast. The biggest one that jumps out at fans is that Kid Trunks will not be voiced by Laura Bailey, but Alexis Tipton. As Christopher Sabat mentioned on Twitter earlier, Bailey is very busy, and the strain of voicing Kid Trucks would not be productive for her workflow. Also, the voice of Android 18 will be Meredith McCoy who voiced her earlier. A slight change as it was Colleen Clickenbeard who voiced her in Dragon Ball Z Kai. But those who are fans of Clickenbeard shouldn’t feel too bad as she will voice Mai in Dragon Ball Super.

But if that wasn’t enough, Sabat was also able to provide a short clip of the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Super to fans, making some think that the rumor about the series airing on television in early 2017 may happened. Whether that be on Toonami or elsewhere is still up in the air.

There was another clip between Mr. Satan and Buu but apparently FUNimation was asked to take that video down at the behest of their partners.

It looks as if Dragon Ball Super news will continue to flow as time goes on, with fans reaching a fever pitch on this latest news. Could this mean that a Toonami run is in the works after the Cell Saga ends? Only time will tell, and make sure you stick with to keep you up to date on all Dragon Ball Super news.

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