Over the years, we have gotten several interviews with Voice Actors and Actresses that were on camera (video) and audio ones as well. A lot of you like what we do and we want to give you access to those interviews as soon as they come out. This is why we have created the Toonami Faithful Pass on our Patreon page. The Toonami Faithful Pass gives you all our interviews before we post them online and also guarantees you 12 interviews per year or one a month early. The pass also gets you access to the following:

– Toonami Faithful Vlogs from the staff at the site.
– Bloopers/Outtakes from our podcast and even interviews.
– A new podcast call The Paul and Darrell Show.

All of these are exclusive to the Toonami Faithful Pass and you can get it by going to our Patreon page for only $5. Click here to go there now. All money made goes to paying for website costs and podcast. We hope you guys will contribute to our new reward and please give us suggestions on how to improve this award.