Written By: Paul Pescrillo

This month’s Nerdcore Artist of the Month is a personal friend of mine. I met this guy in Buffalo, NY when he was touring with MC Chris and for me it is a pleasure and honor to bestow this honor on him. The man I am talking about is Richie Branson.

Richie Branson hails from the city of San Antonio, Texas. Most people think of Richie as a Nerdcore artist, but he is more than that. Richie is also a producer creating beats for Adult Swim and well know hip hop artists. So how did this artist become a household name in Nerdcore? He made a song so good that Adult Swim promoted it in a bump. The song I am talking about is “Bring Tooanmi Back” which you can play below.

[youtube id=XlbbLFgiVQk width=”600″ height=”350″]

He would later follow up that hit with the song “Toonami is Back Bitches” which became the intro for the new Toonami on Adult Swim for about 3 episodes as well as Adult Swim using it in bumps. You can below both the song and intro below.

[youtube id=29MIkOROI0M width=”600″ height=”350″]

[youtube id=L5ev1AoDi84 width=”600″ height=”350″]

This opened the door for Richie professionally as MC Chris called him to perform with him on tour. He also was asked by Neon alley to create a bump for their network. Richie has also put out a couple CDs and his latest is From Guardia With Love is on of his best. A CD based on Chrono Trigger, Richie doesn’t disappoint. This is why GeekE’s Nerdcore Artist of the Month of June is Richie Branson. To hear and purchase his new CD, click the player below. You can also find out more info about Richie on his website RichieBranson.com.