During the Toonami Pre-Flight panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, it was announced that the Naruto Shippuden sequel, Boruto will indeed be airing on the better cartoon show on September 29. It is very likely, but yet to be confirmed by Toonami, that the show will replace Pop Team Epic as that show is scheduled to complete its 12 week run the week prior. It is yet to be determined what its timeslot will be in the schedule.

Boruto will be the third show in the modern era that 3 iterations of a franchise will air on the better cartoon show, the other two being the third seasons of JoJo’s and Attack on Titan, which will both air on August 18. Naruto joined the block in late 2012 but left in 2014, while Shippuden joined in 2014. While Shippuden is expected to continue its run, this isn’t the first time a sequel to a Toonami show aired while its prequel was still running, as Dragon Ball Super joined the block in January 2016 while DBZ Kai begun The Final Chapters.

The plot summary is as follows (via ANN):

Years have passed since Naruto and Sasuke teamed up to defeat Kaguya, the progenitor of chakra and the greatest threat the ninja world has ever faced. Times are now peaceful and the new generation of shinobi has not experienced the same hardships as its parents. Perhaps that is why Boruto would rather play video games than train. However, one passion does burn deep in this ninja boy’s heart, and that is the desire to defeat his father, Naruto.

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