Written By: Mike Agostinelli

Disclaimer: Warner Bros Home Entertainment provided me with a copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

Ah, Suicide Squad.

Leading up to its release, it came loaded with hype. Lots and lots of hype. So much hype it became impossible that the film itself could possibly live up to such ridiculously high standards. And that’s your fault. Yeah, that’s right. Your fault. If you’re reading this, you likely thought this movie was going to be the second coming of the messiah. Why did you load such a high level of expectation on this movie? Because of the trailers? Sure, they were good. But they by no means promoted a movie that should be anticipated as being anything other than a fun time at the movies.

And that’s exactly what it ended up being. A flawed, yet fun, two hours of your life. I’ve already written a review of the theatrical cut, so you can simply click here if you’d like my full thoughts on it. You came here for my extended cut thoughts. Yet another thing that was loaded with overly large amounts of hype. More Joker! More fun! A life changing experience! What it ACTUALLY ends up being is certainly those first two things, but definitely not the last. And once again, you never should have thought it was going to be anything otherwise.

This isnt one of those extended cuts where things are re-arranged or restructured like with the Batman Vs Superman Ultimate Edition. That resulted in an entirely different, and vastly improved, cinematic experience. This is more like those “directors cuts” or “extended cuts” of the early 2000’s, where you get a few extended scenes here and there and a couple new ones, none of which dramatically change the flow or direction of the film.

Thats not to say it’s garbage by any means. There’s one entirely new Joker/ Harley flashback scene that is quite good, showcasing the alluring “push and pull” dynamic that defines their complicated relationship. There are also a few new “Squad talk” scenes, where the team interacts with each other in deeper ways than they did in the theatrical cut. The studio seemed to favor smash cutting and a quick pace with the theatrical cut, much to the chagrin of director David Ayer. This extended cut seems to bring in a bit more of his artistic sensibilities. But it still isn’t an accurate portrait of everything that was shot for this film.

That is simply because if they did include all of the shot material it would change the course of the movie dramatically. Initially the Joker/ Harley relationship was more abusive. The Joker also had a hand in the end fight with Enchantress instead of dropping out of the movie for a good chunk. There were also more flashback scenes with him and Harley, including one where they force the thug character played by Common to kill himself, as opposed to the Joker shooting him like he still does here. Most of these decisions were made in order to make their relationship appear more appealing, more “acceptable”, in the eyes of a general audience. But there shouldn’t be anything acceptable or “relationship goal-y” about any of it. That’s the one point the film screwed up on in the theatrical cut, and also continues here.

I did like that you now get an explanation of why Joker electro shocks Harley in the beginning, instead of him just doing it in the theatrical cut for zero reason and turning it into a sexy thing that awesome couples do. Apparently some of you think a good Friday night out with the opposite sex involves a little murder, some kinky bodily harm, and lots of clown makeup. Did I mention some of you have serious issues?

The bottom line here is if you generally enjoyed the original cut, like me, then this is a bit more of the same. And that’s cool. But it’s nothing worth getting your panties wet over. If you hated the original cut, like some kind of pretentious douche, then you’ll likely hate this too. I feel bad for you and your elitist attitude by the way, for the record.

I’m sticking with the same grade I gave the original cut. An 8 out of 10.

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