Written By: Darrell Maddox

There are hardly any words to describe this collaboration between Mega Ran who hails from Philadelphia “The City of Brotherly Love” and Mister Wilson from Jersey City, New Jersey. The amalgamation of these two Nerdcore artists lies in their ability to bring two gaming icons in Mega Man and Sonic to life. “Blur Bomber” does this with ease. I didn’t know what to expect from this album, but as soon as I played the first track I was instantly sucked into the gaming world with mad beats, banging bass lines, smooth percussion riffs, up-tempo pacing and soulful undertones with each note in the background. In my opinion, Mega Ran and Mister Wilson give the listener an auditory overload that speaks to the soul in their music. Being a fan of both Mega Man and Sonic the Hedge Hog, if there was any way to express both of these video games into music, Mega Ran and Mister Wilson made it happen breaking it down to its bear components and transmuting each song into lyrical alchemy that goes beyond the skill of the common MC. This is the way Hip/Hop should be: Pure and honest minus the bubblegum additives that we hear in a lot of mainstream artist today.  When it comes to these two artists, they never disappoint and “Blur Bomber” in my book is an instant Hip/Hop Classic. It gives me that nostalgic feeling of when I first fell in love with Hip/Hop. This album is not to be slept on and if you do, you need a foot in your ass to wake you up because it’s just that good. I had to listen to this album repeatedly just to make sure I did not miss anything. Because this album was put together meticulously with so much heart and soul I give “Blur Bomber” a perfect 10. Mega Ran and Mister Wilson, I don’t know how you will top this one; but I am sure you will surprise your fans and myself again by taking your music to another level.