Despite the unfortunate passing of Monkey Punch on April 11, his legacy lives on with the continued success of the Lupin the Third Franchise, and following Lupin’s successful return to the better cartoon show in 2017, Lupin fans did not doubt that our legendary band of master thieves wouldn’t be away from Toonami for long, as Toonami has just announced on their Facebook page that Lupin the Third will be returning to the better cartoon show for Part V beginning on June 15. Its position on the schedule is to be determined, though it should be noted that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is scheduled to complete the Diamond is Unbreakable arc a week before.

Lupin the Third Part IV previously aired on Toonami from June 17, 2017 to January 20, 2018, ending a 14-year hiatus from US television.  Adult Swim aired 26 episodes of Part 2 back in 2003, though episode 3 was skipped over for content issues, and the remaining 129 episodes of part 2 never aired for various reasons. In 2016, Toonami attempted to also air The Woman Called Fujiko Mine; following the end of Michiko and Hatchin’s run, however issues regarding too much nudity forced them to choose an encore run of Samurai Champloo instead.

Part V aired in Japan and streamed subbed on Crunchyroll and Hulu from April 4 – September 18, 2018. The new season of Lupin the Third will take the gang to France, and Anime News Network’s plot summary is as follows:

Lupin sniffs out a fresh source of income – jacking the digital profits from a pack of dark web drug dealers who distribute narcotics online via an illegal marketplace called Marco Polo. It might be digital cash this time, but there’s still a safe – in this case, a fortress-like cloud server in the middle of the ocean – and there’s still a key, namely Ami, the hacker who built Marco Polo’s payment systems. Lupin’s ready to do what it takes to get her to open up, but she’s already about to crack – and requests the legendary thief’s aid in her escape. Meanwhile, Lupin’s foes find that the best way to capture the thief is to turn to social media.

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