We here at Geek E Inc. Productions don’t get many American made animated movies to review, so when a company like Warner Bros gives you a screener, you better believe we want to review it. From the DC Universe, let’s get into this review of Justice League War.

Justice League War, directed by Jay Oliva, immediately becomes action packed as the Green Lantern (voiced by Justin Kirk) is in pursuit of a mysterious man who tries to kidnap a girl. We quickly find out that not only is this not a man, but it seems to be an armored alien from another world. As the fight ensues, Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) joins the action as both work together to take down the creature. After knocking the creature into the sewer, Batman and Green Lantern track and find the alien as it’s trying to put a mysterious computerized box on the wall of the sewer. Just then, as Green Lantern charges at the alien, it tries to kill Green Lantern and Batman by killing itself, causing a huge explosion. Trying to scan the object, neither Batman nor Green Lantern can determine what it is. Batman decides to track down Superman in an effort to try and figure out what this object is. After traveling to Metropolis, Green Lantern and Batman find themselves in a fight with Superman. Feeling confident, Green Lantern attempts to take on the man of steal by himself. Batman, as he always does, finds a way to convince Superman to stop fighting. While the three crime fighters are talking, the mysterious box opens up a portal to another world and a swarm of alien creatures (like the one from the beginning of the film) attack our heroes as they try to invade the Earth. Who are these creatures? Who is controlling them? And can the likes of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and the newcomers Cyborg and Shazam band together to stop them? We could answer these questions, but that is for you to find out by buying it now on Blu-ray Combo pack, DVD and Digital HD.

Is Justice League War worth the buy? In our opinion, yes it is. From the start, the action doesn’t stop and there are no boring aspects to the movie. The animation is fluid, providing our super heroes with the ability to share their powers in a crisp and clear HD picture. While the movie is good, some Superman fans may be taken back at his new attitude and it seems, at least in this movie, he takes a back seat on decision making and just kicks ass. The cheesy comedy can leave a lot to be desired, but the solid action makes up for any other minor negatives to the film. For those reasons, we recommend you check out this title and we give Justice League War a 8 out of 10. Regarding bonus features: If you are excited for the new Son of the Batman movie, the Blu-Ray provides a sneak peek. After seeing it ourselves, we hope to get the chance to review this title as well.

We hope you have enjoyed this review from us here at Geek E Inc. Productions and thank you for reading our review of Justice League War. Here is a scene from the movie: