It seems that there have been some misconceptions out there on what this Indiegogo fundraiser is intended for and what will happen if it is fully funded. Please allow us to clarify.

1. This is not to fund a panel. It seems some people are misinformed and have caused confusion out there, so let us clarify once again. The money raised is to help get members of the podcast/site to the convention so we can cover more this year than in years prior, mostly record more interviews. However if we reach our goal and are able to have more than a couple of members make the trip, we can also hold a panel at Momocon. That will allow us to bring the podcast to Momocon for the first time ever and record the podcast live.

2. The money raised is to help us get there. This does not pay for the whole trip for any member of the podcast. No single person will end up donating enough to pay the whole way for any member of the podcast. This is not equatable to one person having the money to go to Momocon and going by themselves. This is helping several people from various parts of the US pay part of the expense to go to Momocon.

3. Any extra money, if there is any, will go to fund the site and possibly the podcast if needed.

4. You are not obligated to donate. We love our fans and since you the fans said you wanted to help us get to Momocon we decided to have a fundraiser. It’s up to you whether or not you donate.

5. Please ask us questions if you are at all concerned. We have been very open regarding what this Indiegogo is for when we announced it on the podcast and we have no problem answering your questions.

Share your thoughts about the fundraiser with us. If you think we should change something, please let us know.