FUNimation has announced today that the English cast for the new Ghost In The Shell adaptation, Arise, will follow in the Japanese version’s footsteps and recast the entire show. The Stand Alone Complex cast from LA will not be used.

At this time the cast has yet to be announced, but it is expected to be using a cast in-house. We should be hearing an announcement in the near future. The ADR director has also not been announced.

FUNimation has been near-simultaneous with the release of the show here in the US, with import Blu-rays hitting very quickly. FUNimation is also putting Ghost In The Shell: Arise – Borders 1&2 in theaters. Click here for information on where on where to buy tickets.

We recently had on our show the former voices of Batou and Motoko Kusanagi on our podcast over these past 2 weeks, check out those episodes below:

Richard Epcar – Voice Of Batou

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn – Voice Of Motoko Kusanagi

The original press release can be found here:

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