This month’s featured artist is Yoku Masaki.  Yoku often refers to himself as the vampire rapper due to some of the content in his early albums which include Vampirelife and YokuMasaki vs the world. When looking at his style I would say that there are many layers to what he does as an artist in Nerdcore, if you have ever heard any of his music one moment it can be upbeat with a feel good vibe along the lines of Outkast, soulful in the way of Common and being dark and deep as DMX. Overall  I would rate Yoku as being a very versatile artist with an extensive range, some of  his music would include Unrealistic Dreamer,  Thirst on Lives, also noted would be  Get out  my house featuring  Nerdcore rapper Kadeshflow, and The Chase featuring Izuna which is a track he was the producer. Yoku Masaki is by far one of the most talented artist/producer in his uniqueness and originality when it comes to making a track his own. Be sure to look out for his new single TM77 from his upcoming album Deltanexus which will be exclusively on Geek-E .This is why Yoku has been named Geek-E‘s artist of the month. To find out more about Yoku go to  and also on twitter @yokumasaki. Here is an exclusive song from his upcoming album Delta Nexus called TM 77. Enjoy.
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