Hailing from the D.C. area by way of Maryland, Geek-E Inc. is proud to present to you JFKratez who is part of the dynamic duo Cypha360z as our Nerdcore artist of the month. A true student of hip/hop Mr. Kratez is a very talented artist who was part of the D.C. Youth Orchestra in high school who held the position of first chair violin. When looking at this young talented artist I can see where some of his musical inspiration and talent comes from. We met Russ A.k.a. JFKratez last year when interviewing him and his partner Rolando (Jargon) on a podcast in 2012. Russ has expressed that his influence in Nerdcore has come from anime, video games, and hip/hop itself. When talking to this young artist he is highly intelligent and it shows through in his music, Russ style is that of “role playing” where he analogously speaks to you as if he were the character as well as speaking as himself in the process. Hmmm multiple personalities maybe? Nah just kidding! I would say that Russ uses his words to eloquently express how he feels in such a way that his audience feels that emotion as well. JFKratez is a very adaptable and versatile rapper who also produces and makes beats, just to show the depth he possesses in the studio. Russ has put out such song as “Knowledge is Power”, “Lulu (Stona) featuring Jargon and Kadeshflow”, and one of my favorites “Book of 5 rings.” If hip/hop was the way of Bushido then the lyrics and rhymes that Russ puts out would be sharp as a katana made from tamahagane steel. Based on his masterful skill with his flow is the reason why JFKratez is the Geek-E Inc. Nerdcore artist of the month for March.

Here is an example of his work and also make sure you check out jfkratez.bandcamp.com for more of his music.

[youtube id=isyRsH8aDL8 width=”600″ height=”350″]

Also to get a free download of this song go to toonamifaithful.bandcamp.com now and get the song for free.