Hailing from Jersey City, NJ Mister Wilson is a man of many talents in the world of hip hop. Primarily known for his nerdcore songs, Mister Wilson is anything but nerdy with his rap style. The best way to describe it is hard as the bricks in Jersey itself but after all this is Mister Wilson we are talking about and I am sorry but there is no room for Dennis the Menace with Mister Wilson commanding the M-I-C. He is also known as a MC, Battle Rapper, gamer, and all out anime fan. I first met Mister Wilson when he did a song with Kadeshflow called Doomsday (you can hear this song by playing the YouTube video below). It was such a good song that we had to have it on the album Nerdcore Absolution. It also left me wanting to hear more songs from him and if I have my way here at Geek-E, I will make sure to get more songs from him. One of the things that many people do not know about him is that he is also co-owner of VoiceBoxBattles, a premium name in the Hip/Hop Acapella Battle Scene. He also was featured in an article on RapMusic.com. The one thing they said about Wilson was:

The reward in this approach is the pop culture sugar-rush you get from recognizing Wilson’s arsenal of references, plus the chillwave-esque nostalgia trip from hearing game instrumentals from your childhood adapted into cloud rap beats as an adult.”

With a style that his own and no one else’s this is why Mister Wilson is our Geek-E Nerdcore Artist of the Month for April. To hear more of his music, go to his bandcamp page by clicking here. You can also download Doomsday for free by go to toonamifaithful.bandcamp.com.

[youtube id=qqwLmmk3TcE width=”600″ height=”350″]

Article By: Paul Pescrillo