According to Jason DeMarco will eventually stream an encore of Toonami’s most recent broadcasts but the plan will not be implemented for at least a couple of weeks.

We must retract the previous statement that the stream would start this Saturday but here is the original news post for reference as more on this story develops.

Just when you thought we couldn’t get even more encores of the previous week’s Toonami programming,’s live stream which usually airs marathons of particular shows every day has listed Toonami for Saturday’s all-day stream. That’s right, Toonami’s going full cycle! The most recent Saturday’s Toonami programming will stream for 24 hours.

We have no further details on how this will work at this time but we felt it was at least important to get the word out. Usually the marathon stream does not require a cable/satellite log-in the way the on-demand episodes and live tv stream do. If that remains the case, then fans may be able to legally stream the marathon of the previous week’s Toonami programming without cable or satellite. If it does require a log-in then it’s still a convenient way to catch anything you missed on Toonami the previous week any time on Saturday before the next Toonami begins. You may be able to watch as early as 12AM on Friday night since that is technically Saturday.

Here’s the link for where to tune in this Saturday for’s live stream of last week’s Toonami. You can check out a range of Adult Swim programming on the other nights of the week including oldies like The Brak Show and more recent series like Black Dynamite.