Turner has published a press release following the recent news of new FLCL seasons entering production. Here is an excerpt that summarizes the news:

“Adult Swim, a division of Turner, is proud to announce an official sequel to one of the most beloved anime series of all time – FLCL (pronounced Fooly Cooly). Created in 2000, FLCL told the tale of Naota, a 12-year-old boy who met a woman that would forever change his life…whether he liked it or not. 16 years later, Adult Swim and legendary animation studio, Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell), are creating two new six-episode seasons to continue the tale, which will premiere in Adult Swim’s Toonami block.”

15866_flcl - Edited

You can view the full text of the press release at this link. Are you looking forward to seeing new episodes of FLCL? How do you feel about this surprising news? Let us know in the comments below.