Toonami’s official Tumblr revealed today that DBZ movie 5 (Cooler’s Revenge) would be airing on May 24th at midnight following Attack On Titan. This is the first time the show has made an appearance on [adult swim] not counting the April Fool’s Day joke.

The schedule is as follows:

11:30pm – Attack on Titan

12:00am – DBZ Cooler’s Revenge

1:00am – Naruto Shippuden

1:30am – One Piece

2:00am – Blue Exorcist

2:30am – Black Lagoon

3:00am – Beware the Batman

3:30am – Naruto

4:00am – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

4:30am – Samurai Jack

5:00am – Star Wars: The Clone Wars

5:30am – Sym–bionic Titan


Bleach and Space Dandy will be off for the week. What do you think of the news? Comment below!

Also, seriously, this isn’t a joke… unlike last time.