Update: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is coming in August to theatres, and Funimation today finally announced the English Dub force cast. Here is the full cast:

Battle of Gods Cast List

Goku / King Kai: Seán Schemmel

Vegeta / Piccolo / Shenron / Yamcha / Bubbles: Christopher R. Sabat

Beerus: Jason Douglas

Whis: Ian Sinclair

Gohan / Ox-king / Narrator: Kyle Hebert

Trunks: Laura Bailey

Goten / Videl: Kara Edwards

Bulma / Seer: Monica Rial

Roshi: Mike McFarland

Krillin: Sonny Strait

Tien: John Burgmeier

Oolong: Brad Jackson

Chi-chi / Mrs. Briefs: Cynthia Cranz

A18: Meredith McCoy

Pilaf: Chuck Huber

Shou: Chris Cason

Mr. Satan: Chris Rager

Chiaotzu / Puar: Brina Palencia

Mai: Colleen Clinkenbeard

Dende: Justin Cook

Buu: Josh Martin

Supreme Kai / Elder Kai: Kent Williams

Dr. Briefs: Mark Stoddard

Funimation also released a new trailer for the film as well. Here it is:

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