Rejoice Attack on Titan fans! Today’s episode of the final season that aired in Japan is not the last! In what was believed to be the final episode of the season (episode 75), FUNimation announced a new chapter will air in winter 2022. You read that right! There will be more content for Attack on Titan fans.

No additional information was given after the teaser trailer. So as of now, we are unsure if the episode will be thirty minutes long or even an hour long. And it leaves many to wonder if this current season wasn’t going to end with the ending in the source material since the manga’s final chapter will be published next month. 

Studio MAPPA should now have ample time to animate the remainder of this unforgettable season. And while the simulcast might be over soon, the English dub for the final season is currently airing at 12:30 p.m. EST on Toonami. 

That begs the question, will this episode air on Toonami, considering the long break between episode 75 and 76. If it’s longer than thirty minutes, will Toonami have to expand to fit it? Or will it air on the block at all? Toonami loves to finish every series that airs on the block, but this evolving situation is interesting. Stay tuned as Toonami Faithful gets more information regarding this new episode and when/if it debuts on the block.

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