There was big news revealed about one of Adult Swim’s most beloved anime, Inuyasha. As of right now, it looks like the popular franchise might be getting a sequel series.

Little is known about this potential project, but there were some interesting bits of information that became known on social media thanks to Weekly Shougakukan Edition and @RanobeSugoi. The series will supposedly take place after the events of the first anime series and Inuyasha: The Final Act. It will follow the daughters of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, and the full title would be Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogi Soshi.

It’s rumored that Rumiko Takahashi is responsible for the main character designs and that Kaoru Wada will once again produce the music for this new anime. There were also some visuals and character designs that were shown on social media as well.

As with any big news that comes out of Japan, no information is out about how long this series will be, if it’ll be an anime or a movie, or about it airing on Adult Swim as the previous series did before. If there are any new developments involving this new Inuyasha project, Toonami Faithful will continue to provide any details we come across.

UPDATE 5/8/20 11:05 P.M.: VIZ Media announced on Twitter that they acquired the license to the new Inuyasha project that is in the works.

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