Now that the twitter world knows of our special podcast next week, we have finalized some details on the Megas XLR 10th Anniversary special. First, the following guests will be taking part in the interview:

George Krstic – CO-Creator
Jody Schaffer – CO-Creator
Chris Prynoski – Sup Director
Ed Artinian – Lead designer

Second, and most important, if you want to submit a question to any of our guests, please tweet us @toonaminews using the hash tag #ToonamiTalkBack. We may use your question, but please note that not everyone’s question may be asked.

Lastly, check out this week’s Toonami Faithful Podcast for other details about next week’s podcast. We are making this as big as we possibly can so tune in next week to hear the Megas XLR 10th Anniversary Celebration only on the Toonami Faithful Podcast.

Check back here on this post for more updates.