Yoooo, what’s going on people! For those of you guys who don’t know me, where the heck have you been? Hiding under a rock?

No, seriously. For those of you who don’t know me…

I am Darth Prefectus and I have been reviewing music for quite awhile. 2 years to be exact. I had to help Ambush Vin out of some trouble that he had so I took an unplanned hiatus. He didn’t even say thank you either. Can you believe that?

Ungrateful prick.


I would love to review your music or videos, which I’m sure you think is awesome. If you’re really confident in that, send it to me at sithreview@gmail.com. I promise I will be fair in my criticism and give you an honest, comprehensive review. I won’t EVER insult anyone’s work, but I will tell you what you can do better and give you an honest rating.

Here is my grading system:

5 Lightsabers – Classic! You took out the Sidious’s Death Star with one shot! You have to walk on water to get one of these from me!

4 Lightsabers – The Force is very strong in You! Your music has almost no noticeable flaws, but there are minor ones. Still a classic.

3 Lightsabers – Your music is Meh…listenable. You shine in some places, others you don’t. Its…ok

2 Lightsabers – You need work homie. Your music has potential, you’re just not rising to the occasion. C’mon Fam, you can do better!

1 Lightsaber – Look Jar-Jar, quit trying! Why did you even waste your time recording this Bantha Fodder? This is NOT for you. Quit now and save yourself some embarassment later.


Nice to meet you guys…again!


Darth Prefectus