Intruder 2 Was a Smash Hit

Well done, Toonami! That was everything I could have asked for when watching the Intruder II saga the past seven weeks. There was drama and even a bit of...

Intruder 2 Episode 7

What will TOM do now that the old Absolution is gone? Is SARA gone for good? Find out the answers to all your questions in the final episode of Intruder 2!  

Intruder 2 Episode 6!

TOM has escaped from the Absolution and is on his way to the Intruder's ship. What is TOM planning? Find out in this episode. And don't forget to tune in...

Intruder 2 Episode 5

SARA is offline and TOM 1/TOMturder has taken control of the ship. Now TOM 5 is next ...or is he? (If you can't see the video, click here)

Intruder 2: Episode 4

TOM 1 has returned fused with the Intruder and he's trying to get to SARA's core. Can TOM 5 stop him? Find out in this episode.

Intruder 2: Episode 3

The Intruder has returned and TOM comes face to face with it. However, something is familiar about it. Watch this episode and find out why. Comment below and let...

Intruder 2 Episode 2

In case you missed it last night, here is the second episode of Intruder 2. Comment about it below and if you can't see the video please click here....